• Deeply Enjoy Being Alive.


    Many people feel a desire to change their life in some way, but have become too focused on "out there" to ever get a clear grasp on what actually needs to change.


    The truth is, the kind of deep enjoyment, expression, intimacy, creativity and energy levels we crave, we cannot obtain from "out there." We must turn inward.


    Inner work is rich, incredibly valuable and also challenging. When we turn inward we feel and we see what is there and this can be, at times, extremely uncomfortable. You see, the desire to change puts you right up against your own obstructive beliefs, thought patterns, incomplete emotional experience and ideas (often negative) that you hold about yourself. These things create blockages in your energy field and often manifest as body sensations of heaviness, "stuckness" or chronic tension.


    This is where I come in.


    Our work together focuses on helping you connect with true desire, opening and transforming points of chronic tension and developing wonderful trust in self and life. Your patterns hold you in limited ways -- when you embrace them, you can release them. You can release yourself. You grow empowered and vital. And then, you can really then take a loving stand for the kind of life and relationships you want and enjoy it deeply.


    I've been doing facilitation and intimacy work with people since 2009. I like my work with clients to have a sense of spaciousness, naturalness and fluidity. Most clients choose to work with me over the course of a year or longer and I only work with people who can commit to the deep process of metamorphosis and awakening.


    Consistency is key for making deep, successful shifts in being. I'm also available to work intensively, either in-person or virtually, to get significant work done in a short period of time. Relative to space and time, the structure of our work together will, in a sense, create itself.


    It is true that what we resist will persist. What we embrace we can change.


    Or as Fritz Perls once said, "awareness heals."

  • Are you deeply enjoying your life?

    People who welcome and thrive on change have learned to accept themselves and have developed the capacity for feeling deeply, without resistance, whatever is happening in their inner world. Having emotional mastery keeps us in pace with our natural evolution and enriches our experience of life and relating.


    So why do so many of us resist ourselves, our deepest feelings and the desire for change? Even when we KNOW that this resistance is robbing us of our pleasure and authentic expression?


    I certainly have some ideas, but it’s not for me to say. It’s for you to discover, because as you do, you will enliven the empowered, clear, deep and sensationally awesome being that you are. You will become your own master and you will relate with life and others in a deeply enjoyable way.


    You will learn to let go of what goes against your nature and at the same time receive more than you can imagine, in relationships, in sexuality, in creativity -- in life!


    We are evolutionary, creative beings. We do indeed have the seeds of transformation within. Let’s find those seeds and plant them together and see how wild you grow.

  • Praise

    Abhijeet K., Seattle, Wash.

    I was working on deep emotions, fears and doubts that came up as a result of meditation. I felt called to reach out to Janie as her work seemed that it could help me through my experiences.


    Janie helped me do with my inner work. She was immensely helpful, unconditionally supportive and powerful. I could share authentically with her. She was also there to support me at the right time. It became easier to trust my awakening process. I felt more at ease with my work and other aspects of my life, as I could be with the inner fears and see the truth. It was a slow process and the support from Janie was aligned and timely.


    It was authentic, open-minded interaction, which honestly all of us should have more of. She provides unique and beautiful support.

    Danica T., Phoenix, Ariz.,

    I had been hesitant to ask anyone for help around my body issues. There are so many doctors and dietitians that have ideas about what I should do or eat or look like, but none of it has worked! I felt angry that my body wasn't cooperative and doing what they and I wanted.


    Working with Janie was different. She is fun, supremely patient, a skilled listener and has an almost other-worldly inner guidance. She didn't shame me or make me feel bad for my choices or my body. She kept coaching me to trust myself, listen to my body and let go of what doesn't work. And I've had some great results: I feel stronger in my body, I've let go of the struggle around my weight and I now make time to rest during the day without feeling guilty. But probably the most profound thing has been discovering how to trust myself, experience joy and set intentions that really work for me.

    Shane C., Oregon, USA

    Janie, I thought about you today, and the contribution you made to what has become a “great awakening” for me. My journey has not been easy, and I have had to make difficult decisions, and face the loss. And I am in a better place, now.


    Life is not perfect, but it is better. I look back to the things that I experienced with you, and what I learned from spending time with you. I just wanted to say “thank you”. You were the beginning of enormous positive change, for me.


    The Spiral Process


    Humans who are in touch with their creative power & desire, thrive. Discover what you really, really want and take a stand for it.


    Vitality is not a function of age -- it's a function of how well you are able to flow your natural, authentic energy through your body. This is the crux of true, effective energy work.


    We are wired for pleasure. Part of self-change work is experiencing how to regulate your nervous system out of chronic stress patterns. For this, pleasure is medicine. Learn to have more of it.


    Emotional blockages are points of tremendous stress. Releasing them, through full expression, is deeply transformative, revitalizing & clarifying.


    Is a practice and self- journeying tool that helps you connect to and cultivate a reliable communication with your internal guidance. Deepen trust in yourself and your knowing.


    As a former professional Tantric bodyworker, I understand the nourishment and magic of having enriching intimacy in your life, and have many tools to help you cultivate it.

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